Music Selections for Improving Road Safety

Recent research suggests that music with certain characteristics (e.g., fast paced, loud) may impede on driving performance and increase risk taking behaviours, which compromises the safety of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. Given the pervasive use of music whilst driving it is fundamental to evaluate its effects on drivers’ behaviours, and to develop strategies to influence music being played so as to minimise risk. Additionally, this would contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions due to inefficient driving (e.g., harsh accelerations). Our aim is to develop a mobile app that automatically generates music playlists from the driver’s own library that effectively reduces risk taking behaviours and inefficient driving.

Funder: Knowledge Exchange & Impact voucher Scheme (University of Liverpool)

Eduardo Coutinho, University of Liverpool
     Sam Chapman, The Floow

In collaboration with The Floow (the leading suppliers of telematic solutions to leading brand insurers and automobile firms), we will undertake the first step to understand the impact of specific music characteristics on driving behaviours. First, we develop a mobile app that monitors the music being played by drivers on their mobile devices, and conduct a study to measure its influence on a set of driving performance measures using telematic devices. These data will allow us to analyse the link between music characteristics and driving behaviours, and to develop the first computational models that predict the potential risk of specific music pieces for driving.

New  Pilot Study

Volunteers wanted !

We are seeking volunteers (a maximum of 12) that usually listen to music whilst commuting to/from their place of work or study to take part in a study investigating the impact of the music in driving behaviours. Conditions for participation are: 

  1. being a driver with a full UK or EU driving license; and 
  2. listening to music using an Android mobile phone during commuting times to and from work or place of study 

This study has obtained Ethical approval from the University of Liverpool Committee on Research Ethics.
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Participants to this study will be offered a 3-month Spotify Premium Gift voucher. 

If you would like to be involved, please contact us using the contact form below to discuss your participation.

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