GEneva Music-Induced Affect Checklist (GEMIAC)  
A brief instrument for the rapid assessment of Musically Induced Emotions 

The systematic study of music-induced emotions requires standardized measurement instruments to reliably assess the nature of affective reactions to music, which tend to go beyond garden-variety basic emotions. The GEMIAC provides such tool - a checklist for rapid assessment of music-induced affect, designed to extend and complement the Geneva Emotional Music Scale. The checklist contains a selection of affect and emotion categories that are frequently used in the literature to refer to emotional reactions to music. The development of the checklist focused on an empirical investigation of the semantic structure of the relevant terms, combined with fuzzy classes based on a series of hierarchical cluster analyses. Two versions of the checklist for assessing the intensity and frequency of affective responses to music are proposed.


Citation (APA format)

Coutinho, E., Scherer, K. R. (2017). Introducing the GEneva Music-Induced Affect Checklist (GEMIAC): A Brief Instrument for the Rapid Assessment of Musically Induced Emotions. Music Perception, 34(4), pp. 371-386. DOI: 10.1525/MP.2017.34.4.371.

Intensity checklist

Frequency checklist

Items and hierarchical structure 

Guidelines for cross-cultural adaptation of the instrument from English to other languages

Cluster GEMIAC terms GEMS factors
1 Filled with wonder, amazed Wonder
2 Moved, touched
3 Enchanted, in awe Transcendence
4 Inspired, enthusiastic
5 Energetic, lively
6 Joyful, wanting to dance Joyful activation
7 Powerful, strong Power
8 Full of tenderness, warmhearted Tenderness
9 Relaxed, peaceful Peacefulness
10 Melancholic, sad Sadness
11 Nostalgic, sentimental Nostalgia
12 Indifferent, bored
13 Tense, uneasy Tension
14 Agitated, aggressive